Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Future for Internet Marketers

Have you ever attended a class where the instructor followed the Socratic method of teaching? You remember, only questions, no direct answers. Some discussions lend themselves best to that format, and this look at some possible future trends in Internet marketing is one of them. Mainly because there are no answers at this point, only the questions we pose!

Internet marketers by and large are used to creating products for, and selling to, a predominantly western audience. Whether inside the marketing niche or not, today's web sites, autoresponder sequences, mailing lists, payment processing systems, and overall way of doing business have evolved around the needs and wants of target markets in the western world. And any experienced marketer knows it can be difficult. Despite popular notions that you can start an Internet business and watch the money roll in, the reality is that there is a lot of competition from other webmasters, regardless of the market or type of products you promote.

Looking ahead, have you considered the impact of even more competition - lots more? In Asia, in particular China and India, large, well-educated populations, a lower cost of living with much-improved standards, and more widely available Internet access may combine in the near future to create a lot more Internet marketers. Many are well-versed in technical aspects of the Internet, including programming and site development. In fact, if you've ever used any of the various freelance sites to outsource technical projects, you've seen that many of the bidders are from Asia.

With populations of one billion people and more in those two countries alone, the current generation is certainly well-attuned to the Internet, and being avid surfers, are no doubt aware of the commercial opportunities and worldwide reach available only on the net. It's likely only a matter of time before they begin marketing to western audiences themselves.

Whether through affiliate marketing, or by developing new products to sell on their own behalf, the prospect of increased competition for current Internet marketers is very real, and likely very near. The biggest hurdles will be language and market understanding. After all, it's difficult enough to write effective sales letters in ones native language, even if addressed to a market and culture you understand. Over time, even those barriers will fall - face it, just as programming can be outsourced, so can marketing and language assistance.

The potential competition can sound ominous. And depending on your outlook, it can be. For every new product that pays affiliate commissions, there soon could be lots more marketers trying to promote it to the same audience. And for every new product of your own you develop, similar products with more features and selling for a lower price could appear. That already happens now to an extent. What will it be like with even more marketers and developers competing?

But change can also be good news. You as an individual marketer can either complain about the unfairness of it all, or you can choose to adapt your business to the inevitable and prosper. As new marketers, and surfers in general, from China, India, and elsewhere come online, they will also create entirely new markets to sell to, markets that weren't there just a short time ago. After all, as marketers they will need the same types of products and services that western marketers need. And as surfers and eventual online buyers, their consumers will want not only western, but also regional and cultural goods, just as online shoppers in the western world do now. Of course, marketers in those regions will also compete in their local markets, as well as western ones.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Emerald Essentials Review - Home Business Newcomer

A certified newcomer in the home business and network marketing industry, Emerald Essentials vision is to improve peoples lives with healthy products and also helping distributors gain financial independence.
Adrian Goad is CEO and President of Emerald Essentials, Inc. He has over 15 years experience in health sciences, product development, and nutrition research.
Emerald Essentials offers the opportunity for distributors to earn 25% monthly commission on everyone personally sponsored, to infinity! Plus, Emerald Essentials has a 3 x 10 forced matrix compensation structure. Despite the huge competition, Emerald Essentials distributors have experienced remarkable progress in just a few months.
What makes this home business extraordinary? The online business industry has been known to stretch the truth a bit about the opportunities it provides, especially when these opportunities don't really have to offer anything but pure unadulterated hype. Emerald Essentials has shown it is an exception to the majority because it is among the few and rare online programs which have delivered on its promises to their members. They offer a variety of whole-food nutritional supplements made with the finest all-natural and organic ingredients. The supplements are designed to support the immune system, maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar, support bone and joint health, and support a healthy digestive system. The companies 100% organic skin care products will help improve wrinkles, correct acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, rashes and large pores with continuous use. They contain NO chemicals or toxic preservatives and are hypoallergenic.
In the short few months since the company was launched, it has proven itself to be a safe and profitable venture. One of the biggest attractions is that it is free to become a distributor. New distributors can sign up online and receive free retail websites to market their products. And while some may have their doubts about it, having a stress free experience with an online income opportunity that is free to join is a big plus for any online entrepreneur to have. The online home business environment has taught us to become guarded with our online business transactions at all time, this free MLM business opportunity is a big sigh of relief.
Aside from the reliability, distributors earn 30% commission on all of their personal retail website sales volume and 10% commission on the total retail website sales volume generated by their personally sponsored distributors, plus a 25% monthly commission on the personal sales volume of all of their personally sponsored distributors. There is a great potential for a sizeable amount of revenue that can be produced. Your earnings is all up to you.

Residual Income Will Give You Financial Freedom

Residual income, also known as passive or recurring income, is very different from a regular wage income that's based on trading time for dollars. Working for a wage is called linear income, and you get paid only for the hours you put in. Residual income continues to generate itself even after the initial work has been completed. Such income helps you to earn more while working less. This is known as financial freedom.
With a linear income, you work you get paid, you don't work you don't get paid, simple as that. Residual income continues to pay recurrently for work done once. It's important to understand that residual income does not happen by itself, you have to put in the hours and the effort to establish the ground work, but the rewards are well and truly worth it. The difference between working to earn a residual income and working a normal job for a linear income is you learn to work smarter not harder for your money.
There are multiple sources to choose from in generating a recurring income, but one of the most popular choices is a home based business in network marketing. If you don't already know, network marketing has been labeled the business of the 21st century! Successful entrepreneurs all over the world have learnt the secret to financial freedom and it is through building businesses that create residual income.
If you don't think a business in network marketing is for you, think again. It could be the answer to achieving your own financial freedom. That's worth considering. Having a business that generates an income that allows you time to do what you want when you want, makes sense doesn't it? More and more people are turning to network marketing opportunities as a way of earning more money.
The other great thing about a home business is just that. You work it from home. You work the hours you want, when you want even where you want. That is freedom in itself. So when you add residual income into the equation, you get financial freedom. It's the perfect mix of more time and more money. And just imagine what you could be doing with all that time `nd money. Write out your goal list, pin in on the mirror where you see it every day and get started now.
Forget about how much money you need to 'get by on', start working towards enough money to do whatever you want. Get you home based business started now and your residual income will begin to grow. Network marketing does work, and it can work for you.

High Conversion Email Marketing!

List building is a crucial to anyone looking for financial security in their online business.
These email contacts are very important, and it is curtail to any successful business to build their relationship with each client the correct way.
Wiki defines email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Email marketing can be done to either cold lists or current customer database.
But basically, you will collect a large list of contacts, and send them messages involving critical information about you industry. All of this in an attempt to make money.
Now that we got the easy part down, it is time to email like a successful business person!
The first thing you have to do is get great open rates. The normal auto responder gets around 10% of your emails opened. We want a higher open rate than that! There is no quick way around it, but you will have to find what time of day is the best for your clients to receive your message. A lot of people send emails out around 7:30 am. This takes time to figure out which half hour of the day is best for your business. If you split test your emails correctly, you will get somewhere around 75% open rates.
The next step is to master xour email subject line. The subject line is where 100% or people decide to open your email or delete it. On top of that, the first sentence in your email is shown just after the subject. You can use the subject to grab the readers attention, and then make them want to open your email with the first sentence. Practice this once a day for the best results!
Now I understand that you want money now, but patience is the best way to go. We can send out thirty five emails a day to each single contact, and I am sure they will unsubscribe by the third email. Don't spam your client. Your first message should be a simple thank you, and a quick summary of who you are. Then your emails should seem random. They also should not come every day. Rotate a pattern of 3-4 days. This should keep the emails coming quick enough to stay in mind, and far enough apart to not be considered spam.
I also understand the impatience that financial problems create. You are probably thinking of sending out an affiliate link every email aren't you? WRONG! I understand that you want to make money off every email, but you cannot do this! You need to share information with them. Give the top of the line stuff. However, you can place a small ad at the bottom of each email. Keep the advertisement small. One sentence is too long. Do not make it a huge deal out of it. In doing this you will get curiosity clicks, and not forced clicks. Curiosity clicks are more likely to make a sale.
I am about to share with you a secret that will make your money, no matter what product you are selling. If you stay ahead of the curve, and updated on new marketing techniques, send out that information in your emails. They will be so excited about your help and knowledge they will buy from you. How you present yourself is the secret that people haven't figured out. People don't want to buy from a slacker.

Network Marketing Is All About Duplication

DUPLICATION is the KEY to building a successful home based business and SYSTEMS are the Key to Duplication.
After great effort of time and money, we have built an Amazing Automated Marketing & Training System for GIA reps called the 'Retire Prosperous' Duplication System. You can try it absolutely FREE for 30 Days to please review this page and try it as it can help you grow your business.
In traditional old school network marketing, we were taught to contact our prospects one by one, belly to belly or eyeball to eyeball, but that myth has been replaced with AUTOMATED ONLINE DUPLICATION SYSTEMS that allow you to SORT AND SIFT through hundreds or thousands of prospects and allow you to contact THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUS!
The 'Retire Prosperous' Automated Marketing & Training System will show you how to reach a lot more prospects, and will automatically tell the GIA story for you so that prospects are a lot more likely to join your business.
I will use the analogy of prospecting here. Gold miners in Alaska used a gold pan. They scoop sand and gravel from a river bottom into their pan and then they wash the content again and again until all that is left in the bottom of the pan are tiny flecks of gold or in some cases nuggets.
That is what this sales funnel does and you can do this on a small scale with a pan or you can do it on a big scale with a front loader and a bigger sluice box. The amount of names you put in the funnel determine how many come out the other end.
The 1st phase of the SALES FUNNEL PROCESS is the EXPOSURE STEP. When your prospect goes to your unique, personalized website, they will be on the Exposure Step page where they will see a great 6 minute Professional Video by Kurt Wilkins that plays automatically. At the end of the video a Capture form appears so they can enter their First Name and Email address and see the next step. This is the opt in process that automatically triggers the prospects receiving a professionally written series of emails that talk about the income opportunity in GIA.
The Next Step in the FUNNEL PROCESS is that prospects hear the PRESENTATION STEP (or SALES PAGE). In GIA we do a LIVE Prospecting Call every Tuesday night and one of the best calls is automatically played when they open the second page. It also show photos of all the participants on the call. This gives prospects the whole story about GIA in a powerful way that can be duplicated by EVERYONE using this system.
On the 'Validation Page', prospects will watch a Video that plays automatically about the GIA Abundance Plan with testimonials. Under that video, are 4 more videos that can be played to educate the prospect about our great products. Then there is a green button prompting the prospect to start using our products and/or make money (which will direct the prospect to your GIA replicated site where they can join)!
Here is another huge benefit of using the 'Retire Prosperous Duplication System'. When you purchase leads (which is optional) from the two Approved Lead Vendors, then your leads are automatically added into your 'Retire Prosperous Duplication System/ and automatically start getting professionally written emails personalized from you to your leads. Every email is designed to give prospects reasons to click on a link to visit your website.
The 'Retire Prosperous Duplication System' will automatically notify you when your prospects visit your website and go through the steps. That is your cue that they are a good prospect and that you should call them immediately!

Email Marketing - Communicate Properly With Your Subscribers

List of Good Email Marketing Practices
  1. Build a list of people that will benefit from your message. Your campaign starts with a list of emails. The more contacts that you have on your list the better. But what is the good of having 100,000 contacts if 90% of them are not interested in what your message is?

  2. Capture 100% opt-ins by giving your prospects the option to sign up through trade shows, website or social media newsletter sign-up.

  3. There are some pretty cool email marketing softwares for purchase out there but I prefer to use online email software. Its cost-effective, scalable and created to be very user friendly. When it comes to these platforms some are good and some are bad. I prefer i-Contact.

  4. Build a branded template to represent your companies image. You usually have the option to choose from pre-built templates or for a more customized design you can hire an expert to build your vision.

  5. Schedule specific messages to coincide with key events you want to highlight.

  6. Run click-through reports to find out what groups are interested in what service or product you offer. Then bundle those groups into specific lists that receive those specific campaigns.

  7. Link your messages with any social media accounts you have set up. this increases your visibility.

  8. Educate yourself with CAN-SPAM Act. Always give your recipients the option to opt-out of your messages.

  9. Utilize the multiple reporting features you have at your disposal. This is how you will refine your marketing and find out what is workin and what isn't.

  10. Create a interconnected web-work online. Link you campaign to you website, social media, blogs etc.
List of Bad Email Marketing Practices
  1. Don't purchase your list. This is a big no no and can get you black listed. There are plenty of companies on the web that will sell you email lists. The problem is that they sell those same lists to hundreds of other people. Imagine being one of the people on those lists and getting bombarded by all these companies. Someone will complain and that's when people get blacklisted.

  2. Send your messages using a business email. When your message comes across and its sent from [blahblah@gmail.com] it just doesn't seem as professional.

  3. Do not add people to your list without them knowing. Its against the CAN-SPAM Act. and the law.

  4. Most email messaging software requires that you have an opt-out option on you email, however if there isn't, make sure you don't send without it.

  5. Don't try to jam too much content into one blast. This could overwhelm the recipient and turn them off.

  6. Keep your design consistent. Don't send out a circus of images and content. Your message should revolve around the brand of your company.

  7. Try not to message to often. Once a day could make people angry.

  8. Don't send with just images. Most email providers have images turned off by default. If you have text the recipient will at least know what the message is about until they can activate images.

  9. Don't send without an online link to your email message. If people cannot see the message in their email they will be redirected to an online version where they can see you message.

  10. Don't forget to study your reports to see what your market wants.

Increase Your Earnings With The Best House Company Possibilities

It is quite possible to begin a cash spinning business through the world wide web. However, you need to stay away from the create quick cash techniques that want you to invest to be able to get started and earn more. For following in the internet of business, you need to acquire proper knowledge as well as education regarding various online elements.
Further here, I have outlined some of the very best home business opportunities that can help you in beginning a profitable home-based business.
1. Affiliate Marketing
With the help of your web page or web page, you can quickly promote various goods and solutions. This is one of the best opportunities for all those people who are in active pursuit of some excellent extra cash generating opportunities. Though it will take a while, but it will help a lot in generating a excellent sum of cash over the timeframe. You need not need any prior encounter to be able to carry on an online online business. You can create use of content promotion, blogging as well as Google Google AdWords to be able to market the goods and solutions. Normally, the small businesses create use of PPC, PPP and PPL marketing to be able to help to create extra cash.
2. Freelance Services
This is one such field, where you can turn your interests into part-time or regular profession. Most of the outsourcing business opportunities consist of photography, videos and modifying, web developing, software programming, copywriting and graphic developing. Freelance workers provide complete expert solutions to the customers from all around the globe. In return, the clients pay the freelancers through the broker websites like Elance, Cl, oDesk and many others. This is one of the best home business opportunities and do not even need much of an investment. You just need to get a PC with online access and expert outlook in regards to your activity.
3. eCommerce
This is one of the best home business opportunities for all those who have the ability to sell any service and product via weblog or web page, and that too at competitive rates. To be able to begin eBay, you should have some basic promotion plus business encounter to be able to begin up the home-based online business. Some of the best ideas for beginning an online business consist of clothing, antique items, furnishings, toys and other items of daily or occasional use. You just need to get linked to a number of international shipping as well as delivery agents to be able to process the purchases quickly.
So, these are some of the best possible home business opportunities that can help you in creating a heap of extra cash in a straight forward and efficient manner.